We strive to deliver and provide your loved one with your Fresh Favorites order as quickly as possible.  In many of these facilities or housing locations, we must abide by certain restrictions which may delay your Fresh Favorites order.  Please be assured, we know that your package or order is important and we will continue to fulfill it as soon as we can.

Who is Eligible to Recieve an iCare Order?

  1. All inmates with the exception of those placed on Jail -Directed “restriction”.
  2. Inmates, who have been placed on restriction, will not be eligible to receive a Fresh Favorite Food order. If a purchase has been made for an inmate that has become ineligible after the transaction has been placed, ARAMARK will first work with appropriate facility staff to determine whether 1) The Fresh Favorite Food order can be delivered in the future 2) The Fresh Favorite Food order is to be credited back to the purchaser’s credit card.

In the event your Fresh Favorites Order can not be delivered the order may be credited back to the purchaser's credit card.

Facility Restrictions

  1. Inmates are allowed to receive three Fresh Favorites orders per week

Delivery Schedule Information
ATTENTION: We are currently experiencing difficulty with our deep fryer. Therefore, French Fries that come with a FreshFavorites item will be substituted with Potato Chips from August 20th through September 4th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

ARAMARK will deliver all Fresh Favorites Food orders based upon the below schedule:

iCare Fresh Favorites Delivery Schedule

Living Unit

Delivery Day and Time

Required Order By:

Female Pod    

Mondays between 12-3pm

Sunday by Noon

Male Pods

Tuesdays between 3-6pm

Monday by Noon

Sergeant's Desk

Mondays between 3-6pm

Sunday by Noon

87 Addition        

Tuesdays between 12-3pm

Monday by Noon

2 A/B

Wednesdays between 12-3pm

Tuesday by Noon

2 C/D

Wednesdays between 3-6pm

Tuesday by Noon

4 A/B/C/D

Thursdays between 12-6pm

Wednesday by Noon

* The delivery schedule is subject to change based upon operational needs by either the County or ARAMARK.

* All orders must be received by Wednesday at noon.  If the order is not received  by noon on Wednesday the order will be delivered the next available delivery day.

How and when are Refunds Issued?
  • Refunds will be provided for any order placed on behalf of an inmate who is released prior to receipt of their Fresh Favorites Food order.
  • If, for any reason, the inmate is placed on restriction after a Fresh Favorite Food order has been placed, ARAMARK will make all attempts to schedule a future delivery of the Fresh Favorites Food order. If delivery is not possible, a refund will be provided.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions are posted on our FAQ page. Please review this page before calling for assistance. Please always review our Terms & Conditions, which may contant other important restrictions or terms on us fulfilling your order.