Delivery Days:

Cut off for all orders is Monday at midnight

Delta 2 delivers on Wednesdays.

Tower delivers on Fridays.



El Paso CO County Commissary 

Welcome to the El Paso CO County Commissary online ordering system.  No longer will you have to travel to our facility and wait in line. With a few simple clicks, you can take care of your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

The following wards are not allowed iCare packages A1,A2, A3,B2,B4, C1, C2 and D1. Please do not place orders for offenders in these areas. The inmate names for these locations will not appear when you attempt to search for them. We have excluded these inmates from our validation listing.
Any offender owing the county any money cannot be ordered for. The inmate account must be at $0.00 or more. Any inmate accounts having a negative balance will not be eligible for iCare packages until the balance is brought into the positive. If you need help please contact the facility for instructions on how to deposit funds into an inmate’s account.
Inmates with negative balances will show on the inmate validation list but a message will appear stating that the inmates account needs to have funds added to it when you try to validate the inmate name.

Only one 1 iCare order will be accepted via the internet for the wards above. Any additional iCare orders for these units will not be honored. These restrictions only apply to the Wards identified above.


Each inmate may receive one iCare Package per week.

Please review the Terms & Conditions.

To Purchase an iCare Package:

1. Click login or create a new account using the email address and password of your choice.
2. Add the name and billing address of your credit card under 'Manage Addresses'. 
3. Select the gift package you would like to purchase.
4. You will need to validate the county specific ID number of the inmate on the Recipient page.

Need Help?  Please check our FAQs for more information.