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iCare Gift Package Order Terms and Conditions

By placing an order you agree that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and are bound by all of them, as they may be changed from time to time, and you consent to ARAMARK's collection and use of your personal information in accordance with ARAMARK's Privacy Policy.

1. Product Substitution

All products depicted (in images and text) are subject to change or substitution. The images associated with your order are only a representation of what is available. The descriptions are subject to substitution based on limitations placed on the recipient. Because of availability and the ability to obtain different products in different regions of the county, it may be necessary to substitute different product(s) of the same kind. All products are of equal or greater value.

2. Payment

Payment is collected at the time the order is placed. We accept payment by Visa and MasterCard only. The charges will appear on your credit card immediately as “ARAMARK Correctional Services.”

3. Refunds and Delivery

All sales are final.  There are no refunds, cancellations, or substitutions permitted by the customer or recipient.

We make every attempt to deliver your order on the next scheduled delivery day according to the facilities permitted delivery times. Due to different schedules at different Correctional Facilities, delivery times can be affected. Some Facilities allow multiple delivery’s during a given time period and others allow only once a week delivery. For example: If a facility's delivery day is Tuesday and an order is placed the day after the facilities normal delivery day the order will be delivered the next available delivery day. That would be the following Tuesday a week later. If an order is placed and the person it was ordered for is no longer at the facility the order will be discarded without refund.

Punishment restriction
- Please note that if the recipient is on a punishment restriction, the basket will be held for delivery until the punishment restriction is removed.

Medical restriction – Please note that if the recipient has a medical restriction, the basket must be picked up at the commissary by the person who placed the order.  We are not permitted to deliver some of the baskets to recipients who are on medical restriction.